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Research interests:
Water governance, urban water systems, resilience, human right to water, urban political ecology, South Africa

Dr. Lyudmila (Lucy) Rodina completed her PhD (2018) work under the supervision by Leila Harris, from the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES). She was also a Liu Scholar at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, and International WaTERS Graduate Fellow. In October 2018, she moved to Ottawa and is now working as a Policy Analyst in the Policy and Results Branch at Infrastructure Canada, working on resilience, green infrastructure and environmental quality files.

In her doctoral work, Dr. Rodina addresses the gap in empirical and theoretical understanding of how resilience thinking is applied in the context of water governance, broadly defined. More specifically, she studies the intersection of water governance, resilience and environmental justice in urban contexts. Lucy studies the nascent challenges to urban water governance in the face of global environmental change and their implications for transformation in the urban water sector. She engages critically with resilience, evaluating the various ways in which resilience thinking and planning agendas are (re)shaping urban water governance across different scales. With a specific focus on a case study from South Africa, she theorizes and develops a situated understanding of water resilience – attentive to specific biophysical environments, lived experiences, socio-political and governance contexts, power and marginalization – for water experts and decision-makers on one hand, and residents of impoverished, peri-uban and informal settlements on the other. Her work further informs the possibilities for addressing equity and social justice concerns within a resilience framework, by investigating the discursive and practical manifestations of questions of poverty, inequality and differentiated water-related vulnerabilities in water governance. Ultimately, this project aims to engage with resilience thinking critically by investigating the different dimensions in which resilience can be evaluated.

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Peer-reviewed publications:

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Rodina, L. (2010). Burns Bog: Power Relations in the Social Production of Nature. UBC Journal Of Political Studies, March 2010: 67-75.

Awards and scholarships*:
Les Lavkulich Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service, 2018
Liu Institute For Global Issues Bottom Billion Research Award, 2016
SSHRC Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement, 2016
International WaTERS Graduate Fellowship, 2015
Resilience 2014 Conference Travel Award, 2014
Les Lavkulich Scholarship for Resources and Environment, 2013
SSHRC-CGS Doctoral award, 2013
UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowship, 2013
UBC Graduate Student International Research Mobility Award, 2012
College for Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Award, 2011
Faculty Women’s Club Jubilee Scholarship, 2011
*monetary values withheld

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